Be careful what you say or write about professional colleagues or companies with whom you do business; or about the employees that work for you. If your comments can be proven to be untruthful and cause damage to the person's reputation; or expose a person or corporation to financial injury or impeach any person's honesty, integrity, or reputation, you and your company may be answerable in damages. Problems of this kind have arisen at past COSMET meetings and consequently care is needed.


The following are some guidelines for conduct while attending a COSMET meeting.

1. Hospitality suites are not supported by COSMET. Vendors are not allowed to solicit attendees to participate in hospitality suites throughout the meeting duration from Wednesday night to Saturday afternoon. Meeting attendees are discouraged from taking part in hospitality suites.

2. Attendees are encouraged not to mention specific pricing of components at the meetings.

3. Attendees are encouraged not to mention specific suppliers during the meetings.

4. Your conduct, outside the meeting room during breaks or after meetings etc., should follow the COSMET constitution as laid out in the by-laws section.

5. If in doubt about ethical conduct during a meeting, contact a member of the board of directors for direction as to resolutions.

Member Guidelines