If your company would like to sponsor a meeting here are the requirements for doing so:

Organize and hold a tour of your property or mine on the Friday of the COSMET meeting. [Meetings generally run Thursday and Friday with a round table discussion on Friday].

  • Prepare a brief agenda of the tour. It will be sent out with the regular meeting agenda.

  • Optional: give a brief or in-depth over-view of your company or mine.

  • Optional:Supply a light lunch at noon during the tour.

  • Supply the program chairman with names and phone numbers of suitable hotels for the meetings and names of busing firms available.

  • Provide projector for computer (Power Point) presentations.

COSMET usually pays the busing and other related expenses. Although some mines have volunteered to pay some of the expenses, this is not a requirement.

Please Review Specific Meeting Attendee

host a meeting